3 Business Financing Programs To Improve Cash Flow

All businesses need to maintain a healthy cash flow to keep operations running smoothly and to grow successfully. When entrepreneurs seek business financing programs, traditional loans force businesses to assume debt, and lock entrepreneurs into rigid payment schedules that can place a major strain on cash flow. Fortunately, there are a number of business financing programs designed to improve cash flow, without having to resort to loans.

Consumer Financing

Consumer financing is unique among business financing programs in that it improves sales and grows the customer base, simultaneously. Instead of paying a large sum upfront, consumer financing spreads payments over affordable monthly installments. This makes expensive purchases more accessible to customers, while still guaranteeing steady payments to your business. By offering financing options, businesses immediately get a reputation for being “budget friendly,” and more first-time customers will come to apply for consumer financing. Since consumer financing benefits both businesses and customers alike, entrepreneurs see an increase in cash flow while also growing their customer base and improving the volume of sales.

Purchase Order Financing

Purchase order financing is a business financing program geared toward small businesses that want to get a stronger foothold in a competitive market. Purchase order financing allows businesses to take on larger orders by getting an advance in capital for production. When the order is completed and the customer pays in full, the financing is deducted and the remainder is given to the business as revenue. By taking on larger orders, and having the business financing paid for by the customer, small companies can improve cash flow, take on business that would otherwise go to competitors, and experience growth.

Accounts Receivable Financing

Accounts receivable financing is designed to eliminate the lag in customer payments which creates a strain on cash flow. By monetizing open invoices, this business financing program gives entrepreneurs immediate (within 24 hours) turnaround on submitted invoices, which boosts cash flow and removes the need to dedicate resources to tracking down payments from customers. Accounts receivable financing also provides a centralized source of revenue to reduce the strain on accounting. This debt-free business financing solution works for businesses of all sizes, and allows for the accumulation of growth capital.

Get The Business Financing You Need

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