How To Attract Clients Within the Commercial Real Estate Sphere

The broad answer to attracting commercial real estate clients is marketing. Developing and executing a successful marketing strategy can be an extended process with many different facets. Here are some ideas to help you start building the business you want.

Create a Web Presence

Most people today go to the internet first when they need information. Because they can spend as little as 10 seconds deciding whether to explore further, it’s important to have a professional and informative website or web page within a firm’s larger website. Attracting clients is how you build a business, so it makes sense to use professionals for their expertise. When you see a website you like, consider contacting the developer to ask about their rates and how they work.

Just as important as visual impact is the content of your website or web page. A website has very little time to convey your knowledge and skill to a prospective client, so your content needs to be clear and concise. With your guidance, experts can write compelling articles and blog posts that can put your website near the top of search engine results. These days a web presence also includes using social media. Make sure that your contact information is easy to find, and offers ways to reach you that include social media platforms.

Meet People                             

People buy commercial real estate, and developing personal relationships is often the key to finding that first client. There are a number of professional organizations that offer opportunities to network with other agents and brokers. These organizations often maintain databases where you can post your résumé and list qualifications or specialties to increase your exposure.

Meeting other people involved in your business can also present opportunities to find a mentor: a professional who has extensive experience and contacts in the field. Long-time agents or brokers sometimes have a heavy workload and may welcome the help of someone willing to share the work.

Another way to get exposure to a wide audience is to offer your expertise to media outlets. Writing emails introducing yourself to editors of industry publications and other related communication channels can put your name front and center when opinions are needed. You should outline your qualifications and experience and include some thoughts on the market to position yourself as an authority in the field.

A Final Thought

Take advantage of all the opportunities available for continuing education and other means of expanding your knowledge and skill. An in-depth understanding of the commercial real estate market is the most important marketing strategy of all.