Commercial Real Estate: Making Inroads

For those new to the world of commercial real estate, or thinking of making it a new career move, there is a lot of information to take in. Licensing, local market trends, budgeting, permits, financing options – it can be overwhelming at times. However, there is one common thread to making successful commercial real estate investments, and that is being able to develop strong relationships with the people and organizations involved in the field.

Commercial Real Estate Wholesalers

Commercial real estate wholesalers are the people everyone wants to be friends with. They have long lists of properties at incredible prices, and a select few people get to have access to this information before sales are announced and everyone get embroiled in bidding wars. Wholesalers are great CRE people to know for fix and flip projects, multifamily rentals, office space, and similar commercial properties.

Real Estate Agents

Getting to know CRE agents may seem counter-intuitive, at first blush, because it feels like fraternizing with the competition. However, commercial real estate is almost like a professional social club. If you get to know CRE agents, they might give you leads on properties, as well as potential buyers and renters for properties you already have in your portfolio. In turn, you can do the same when you are dealing with people who do not quite fit what you are looking for, but you know they would work with what other agents are seeking. This reciprocity goes a long way in the world of commercial real estate.

Commercial Real Estate Financing Professionals

One of the integral components of successful CRE investments is commercial real estate financing. Being able to recognize what type of financing is needed for a particular property and how to time funding in order to maximize profitability while reducing financial obligations can make the difference between a quick turnaround on a project and getting stuck with a money pit. By developing a strong relationship with commercial real estate professionals, you can get the most competitive terms and rates on various loan products – ranging from SBA loans to mezzanine financing, bridge loans, and much more. Certain CRE finance professionals also have the ability to fast track loan requests to get you the funds you need much quicker than traditional lending channels.

Get Started Today

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