Diagnosing the Benefits of Medical Equipment Leasing

Diagnosing the Benefits of Medical Equipment Leasing

As the owner of a medical practice, you might have the knowledge necessary to run a successful and professional business but lack the equipment your patients need. Vantage is here to improve the health of your practice with the help of medical equipment leasing.

Keep Your Costs Low and Your Quality High

Are you currently using outdated medical equipment or scheduling your patients according to the availability of equipment at other medical facilities? While you may have adjusted to this method of running your practice, know there’s a better way. A much better way.

Medical equipment leasing:

  • Keeps you from having to take out a bank loan to buy up new equipment, something that may chip away at your credit score
  • Ensures you have the equipment you need
  • Allows you to spread out your payments into easily manageable monthly payments
  • Isn’t considered a debt, because it’s no different from paying a monthly credit card or cell phone bill

Equally Beneficial to Your Payments

Imagine giving your patients access to the medical breakthroughs and technology they might have read or heard about. While you may have the skills to perform advanced procedures, you could lack the equipment necessary to carry out those procedures. Something else to think about is that as medicine and medical care advances, new equipment will be manufactured to keep up with those advances. Imagine buying brand new equipment that might be all but obsolete in a few years, causing you to have to upgrade that equipment once again.

Equipment leasing lets you upgrade to new equipment as it becomes available, ensuring you always have the latest model without taking on additional debt or financial frustration. If you operate a small practice, you can give your patients the confidence of knowing they’re being treated with the same equipment commonly found at larger practices.

Tax Benefits

If you’re still on the fence about leasing equipment, know that it comes with tax benefits as well. The IRS classifies payments made on leased equipment as tax deductibles, but only up to $500,000. As your practice progresses, this can add up to be a substantial amount of money. What’s more is you may even be able to funnel revenue back into your practice by claiming these deductibles. Now you can build the practice you want on the timeline you prefer rather than have to delay your plans until you have the proper profits. 

Explore your options for leasing the medical equipment your practice needs and deserves. Vantage representatives are standing by to answer your questions and offer more information.