Enhance Your Medical Business Cash Flow With a Merchant Cash Advance

Even medical businesses can experience financial hardship. Cash flow can be a difficult area to manage, particularly if you have any unexpected expenses or rapid growth. For a flexible and innovative way to increase your working capital and overcome any minor or major cash flow issue, discover how you can receive a merchant cash advance.

Health care financing can come in many different forms. Typically, you’ll have to fill out an application, wait for a business credit check and wait even longer for a loan to be distributed. In order to receive the capital, you need to cover operating expenses in as little as two days, consider a merchant cash advance. This innovative health care financing option distributes a lump sum of a predetermined amount. Your financing is backed by future credit card sales.

This flexible option is available for any health care institution or medical business that accepts credit cards. Because you can guarantee future credit card payments for medical bills, you can request a cash advance. Although you won’t receive the entire amount of the total sales advanced, you’ll have greater flexibility in payment options.

Payments aren’t fixed with a cash advance. Instead, they are determined by your credit card sales. This allows you to receive the working capital you need and pay it back when you receive the income you need. You won’t have to go through a credit check or other lengthy processes, so it’s far easier to apply.

There are a variety of ways you can use this form of health care financing. You aren’t forced to use the cash advance in a predetermined way. Instead, you can keep your medical business running smoothly and use this working capital to pay wages, rent, administrative fees or any other day-to-day or unexpected expense that could arise.

Keeping a medical business running effectively can be incredibly time-consuming. Choose a health care financing option that works for you. You need peace of mind when an unexpected expense comes up or you enter a season of dramatic growth. There’s a wide range of reasons to need financing, but few offer the immediate capital you need. Although a cash advance typically requires you to pay the advance back with interest, you’ll receive the amount in a lump sum that is sufficiently flexible to handle any crisis in a fast-paced working environment. Discover how a cash advance can help your business running smoothly and continue to provide excellent service to all your patients.