Improve Cash Flow With Payment Options

Improve Cash Flow With Payment Options

Many businesses can trace cash flow issues to waiting on customer payments over anything else. The truth is, most customer wait until the very end of an aging period before remitting payment, and (depending on the invoice) that can mean waiting over a month before seeing revenue. In order to improve cash flow, many businesses have started offering payment options as a means of meeting internal financial obligations, as well as ensuring timely payment from customers. Some even encourage larger sales while still being budget-friendly to patrons.

Consumer Financing

Consumer financing is perhaps the friendliest way to improve cash flow while benefiting businesses and customers alike. With consumer financing, approved customers can make large purchases, and then have the total amount spread over manageable monthly payments. This makes things a lot easier for customers, instead of having to reconfigure personal budgets, or putting off larger purchases completely. On the other side of the coin, businesses are ensured prompt payments, which sidesteps a potential strain on cash flow.

How The Application Process Works

When businesses use consumer financing to improve cash flow, customers who want payment options simply fill out an application. An employee of the business then places a call to the commercial lender providing the consumer financing services. The commercial lender to run a quick credit check and determine the amount of financing available, and what the monthly payments will be. The entire process takes only a few minutes, so customers can wait at the help desk, or shop while the results come back.

Improve Cash Flow & Get A Loyal Following

With payment on sales coming in regularly, businesses can offer special incentives to customers, such as “first 6 months, same as cash” to approved applicants. By offering incentives and payment options, businesses not only improve cash flow, they quickly expand their loyal customer base by gaining a reputation for having great deals and having affordable products and services. This form of passive marketing is priceless, as customers will tell friends and family to shop at the business, and that does more to increase sales, which results in successful growth.

Start Offering Payment Options

At Vantage Commercial Capital, we have the capital resources available to provide businesses of all sizes with consumer financing options, as well as other solutions to improve cash flow and increase sales. To learn more, contact our team at 913-543-4242 and put our expertise to work for you.