Why A Merchant Cash Advance Might Work For You

After having struggled and fought to maintain your business, it is now finally stable, a steadily growing support base behind you and enough regular cash flow to feel comfortable enough to breathe. In business, however, there is no “good enough,” and pursuing bigger dreams is healthy for a business owner. When you are looking to expand your business, to take over bigger parts of the industry and to excel in your trade, a merchant cash advance (MCA) is a wonderful resource.

How They Work

Fortunately, applying for a merchant cash advance does not require any collateral, and while a good credit history helps, it is not particularly necessary. All you need to apply for an MCA is a track record of the successful sales your business has been making in the last 6 months. After completing your application, you will have your approval within several days, and the funding within two weeks. Payment percentage is taken from your daily sales until the fees are satisfied, which is usually completed within the first six to twelve months. There is no set time limit on repayment, as long as the agreed-upon percentage is paid every day.

Why You Should Consider Them

Merchant cash advances offer a unique opportunity for businesses to dream wildly, and meet the needs of their business. Readily available cash allows business heads to expand their business, improve operating systems and to market more aggressively, so that the business receives what it needs to prosper and generate revenue. As the owner of a business, you should know its strengths and weaknesses, and a MCA loan can help bolster the more fragile aspects within your business.

If you are interested in an easy, reliable way to expand your business and further its success, consider investing in a merchant cash advance loan. Speak to a professional about your options, and work with them to pick what would benefit your business most.