Merchant Cash Advance In Overland Park, KS

Businesses in Overland Park, KS face a number of challenges when seeking working capital. Traditional lenders, such as banks and similar institutions, have high entry requirements for entrepreneurs, such as impeccable credit and a long financial history. On top of that, getting access to working capital from banks and traditional lenders always comes with debt. In order to sidestep these issues and provide a debt-free solution to businesses in Overland Park, Vantage Commercial Capital offers a merchant cash advance program.

A Merchant Cash Advance Is A Flexible Solutions

Traditional bank loans have a “one size fits all” approach to funding that lock businesses into a strict payment schedule. On the one end, if businesses are late on payments, they are in danger of defaulting on the loan. On the other side of the coin, if businesses attempt to pay off the balance ahead of schedule, they are hit with exorbitant prepayment penalties. A merchant cash advance from Vantage Commercial Capital offers the flexibility that Overland Park business owners need. Our merchant cash advances are repaid from a percentage of sales, rather than a strict payment schedule. Additionally, there are no prepayment penalties if your business is in the position to pay down the balance early. At Vantage Commercial Capital, we believe businesses should grow and achieve continued success, without having to delay milestones due to debt or prohibitive payment schedules.

Merchant Cash Advance Advantages For Overland Park Businesses

Our merchant cash advances can be used for a wide range of purposes. Instead of having a specific designation like bank loans, Vantage Commercial Capital gives you the freedom to use your merchant cash advance as you see fit, from meeting financial obligations to rolling out new products and services. Many of our Overland Park clients use our merchant cash advance program for:

  • Payroll
  • Reducing existing debt
  • Restocking inventory
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Completing internal projects
  • Acquiring new equipment
  • Preparing for seasonal business traffic
  • Business growth

Zero Debt

A merchant cash advance from Vantage Commercial Capital is not a loan. There is no debt placed on the balance sheets, so Overland Park businesses can preserve their credit ratings. Additionally, there is no collateral required to access our merchant cash advances. Our MCA solutions are designed to keep your business on track without causing any strain on finances, so you can thrive during both heavy and light sales periods.

The Best Merchant Cash Advance Solutions In Overland Park

Vantage Commercial Capital is committed to offering the best merchant cash advance solutions in the Overland Park, KS area. Our merchant cash advances can be arranged quickly and tailored to your needs to keep your business on the road to success. If you own a business in Overland Park, reach out to the experts at Vantage Commercial Capital. We will work with you directly to understand your needs and goals, and structure a financing solution to help your company thrive and grow, without getting caught in the red tape and bureaucracy of traditional lending channels.