Sustainable Business: Tips for Going Green

Every business cares about the bottom line, but a business that cares about the environment also considers the impact of the company’s actions on the world around it. Clients and consumers appreciate visiting green businesses, which is hardly a secret. What is harder is determining the best ways to make your own company eco-friendly. That’s where we come in with a few tips to help.


Starting Out


When you’re just starting to get involved in eco-friendly, sustainable business, one way to get excellent ideas is by asking everyone in the company for their thoughts. Make a survey for employees to fill out or hold a meeting where everyone can put in their thoughts. If you have the people for it, forming a committee relating to best practices for your company can be a wonderful idea.


Easy First Steps


So, you want to change the way your business operates, but you want to start out on a small scale and ramp up over time? No problem. One of the easiest things you can do is to make the switch from traditional business cards to eco-friendly cards. Some of the key words to consider when searching for this type of product are soy ink, recycled, vegetable-based ink, tree-free paper, 100% post-consumer waste, and non-toxic toner. If someone can print your cards locally, even better.


Outside Considerations


It might seem like a lot of work for small reward but planting more trees or building a garden or park near your building can help build a sustainable business. Often, there are groups available who are happy to do the maintenance and work as long as you are funding the project. Another option is to make the parking garage exhaust fans go off more quickly and have lights out after hours. This will have the added bonus of saving you money


Indoor Considerations


There are dozens of ways to make your business a more sustainable business and you’re likely to find plenty of your own. However, there are a few that are easy and recommended. First, change your lighting to energy-efficient options. Do the same with equipment that can be switched to more energy efficient models. Another possibility is adding plants. This can clean the air and make your employees feel good. A final tip is to create a recycling area where paper and other things can be tossed as an alternative to the trash can.


It might take some work and time to become a eco-friendlier business but it’s far from impossible. Do your part to help keep the environment safe for generations to come. You’ll be glad you did.