Take Your Business to the Top With Merchant Cash Advances (MCAs)

Take Your Business to the Top With Merchant Cash Advances (MCAs)

In the past, business owners regarded merchant cash advances with a skeptical eye and only utilized them under the most extreme circumstances. Things have changed for the better. Vantage is here to show you how MCAs might be the perfect solution to evolve your business without devolving your finances. 

When Traditional Bank Loans Aren’t Enough

A traditional bank loan might be an option that doesn’t suit your specific needs or your business model. If it’s not, you may be better suited for a business cash advance. The way this type of cash advance works is that:

  • You pay a bit back every time a customer pays for your services or products with a credit card, which you might prefer over traditional monthly payments.
  • You can pay off your advance early when your business is doing especially well
  • You can still take care of paying your advance even during slow months.

You Decide How You Use Your Advance

It’s you who decides how you use the liquid capital from MCAs. You can use the funds for more traditional uses, such as taking care of payroll, or you can use them for advertising/marketing or replenishing your inventory. Now you can easily work through that list of business projects and goals you have.

Classifying Merchant Cash Advance Loans

One more thing you should know about merchant cash advances is they aren’t considered loans. Instead, they’re classified as sales on future receivables. Now you’ll have the liquid capital to successfully grow your business without worrying about having a debt hanging over your head. Even better, you can also apply for larger, long-term financing in the future without fretting over how your past debts will look on your application.

‘Tis the Season

If your business experiences busy seasons where you receive an abundance of customer traffic, a small business cash advance might be just the thing you need to fulfill orders, take proper care of your customers and make sure you’re well-staffed. You can either apply for a cash advance in preparation for a busy season and pay off the advance faster through higher sales, or you can apply for an advance to make sure your shelves (physical or digital) are well stocked for your flood of customers.

It makes no difference if your business is a new one seeking to get off of the ground or if you desire to reach a wider audience, there’s much to gain through cash advances. Reach out to Vantage to learn more.